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hi, I'm Rebekah!

wife of an amazingly supporting husband for over 7 years

I'm a web service designer based in Suffolk, Virginia - who also is a photographer who loves capturing the special moments in life.

I love designing specifically on ShowIt as well as drawing custom illustrations on my iPad snuggled up watching one of my favorite tv shows. 

mother of three little balls of energy (abby + Lliam + Char)

crafting UNIQUE & PERSONAL digital branding and web designs

The path to becoming an entrepreneur isn't always simple or a straight line. A few years ago, you would have found me working in an office cubical fresh out of college (with a degree in technical theatre production of all things).

I can remember sitting at my desk, drawing and sketching while I worked on custom requests and took calls at my university library. I didn't even think I was going to be starting down the path of an small business owner.

It started with my best friend wanting my help to design her wedding save-the-dates and then her wedding invitations. While I had been using design programs for years, even going so far to being a part time TA for some entry level graphic classes in college, I never though anything would come out of it.

the heart behind

After the birth of my daughter, my health complicated my work situation and ultimately it was best to quit the 9-5 (actually the overnight lol) cubical job I was working at the time. So I picked up a entry level camera and started doing a couple sessions for friends and family.

But while I was starting that path, I was still designing stuff. My logo, my website, my marketing - all the design work, I did myself.

And then people started asking me to help them with this or that, design them something, draw something....

the WAKE UP call
(cause I was totally oblivious lol)

See I never saw these creative gifts and my spirit for helping others as a calling for a business. How do you put a price on something that is as natural as reading or breathing. But seeing the need, I knew I had to do something.

So I started Grace + Company Designs - with the original vision of designing cards and invitations and occasionally, branding or helping with a website. Boy, was I way off! Fast forward to the end of 2016, right before the birth of my son, I started doing some web designs, customization of templates and some branding.

It took my husband telling me over and over again, that my joy and happiness for doodling and drawing, paired with helping others is my driving passion. This G+C was given new life and a new purpose. 

grace + company designs

I am a native virginian living in the HRVA area

the family


the hubby







As you will come to find out, I have three munchkins at home, who love to meet all of my clients, virtually or in-person. They will often times invite themselves to my zoom calls and give behinds the scenes input on the work I do.

As a mom who runs a business, I make time for my family and understand yours is just as important - know that I understand the time you need to take for kids and family. I will never ask you to do something that would interrupt your family time - just like I set-up my business hours around mine.


getting to know me (via a 90s Cosmo quiz lol)

more about me



anything Chocolate!

not bother getting dress (pj for days lol)

2. My favorite title in life is:

A. the Boss Lady

b. Tech Support

c. the Photographer

d. Mrs. Heffington

e. Other


3. TV show I am most like to binge watch while working:

a. Stargate sg-1

b. supernatural

c. criminal mines

D. star trek

4. My Favorite book of all time:

Pride and Prejudice

5. my daily go to drink:

a. ice water

b. coffee

c. hot tea

D. flavored water

7. my everyday go-to outfit:

a. skinny jeans & loose sweater

b. luluroe dress & leggings

c. tank top & shorts

D. oversized t & black leggings

8. what really gets my anxiety going:

a. small spaces

b. changing my routine

c. heights

D. public speaking

9. my top place to visit over-seas:

a. Ireland

b. new zealand

c. Japan

D. France

10. in my spare time i love to:

read ya fantasy


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I LOVE g+c. She’s done multiple projects with me and I have nothing but amazing things to say. She takes my jumbled mind and makes it into a masterpiece.

- Ceasarae

She recently did my logo and I'm in love. Very quick with responses and results! Can't wait to use her for more in the future!

- Misty D

What a game changer!! I'm just starting my photography business and had no idea what I wanted my logo or site to look like. After answering a few questions, Grace + Co. Designs created a beautiful logo and website with designs and colors that were 100% me! 

- Cassondra J.

"If you can think it up, she can make it a reality"


"Rebekah is not just a designer, she is like a friend who is always there to help you out"


"Totally hands-on with helping you discover your brand and website."


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